Hi there, I’m Whitney. I’m so glad you stopped in to check this space out.

The short version of what I hope to do with this space is to create somewhere that is calm and soothing, somewhere that can feel safe and welcoming, somewhere slow, somewhere simple, and somewhere you can pause for a quiet moment or two. It’s a place for words, a place for photography, and a place to connect.

Who Am I?

I’m Whitney, I’m a highly sensitive introvert, a forest wanderer, and a multi-passionate creative human just doing my best to navigate this life and find contentment.

I’ve been on quite the journey over the last several years, starting from a very low place — mentally, physically, all of the above — in 2016. There have been so many ups and so many downs in the following years, but I can say with absolute certainty that I know myself better than I ever have before and I am getting so much better at learning to trust myself, learning to trust where I want to go and what I want to do and how I want to go about things, no matter how different it looks compared to anyone else’s path.

In more recent years, I discovered that I am a Highly Sensitive Person — and I’ve learned just how deep that goes, that it doesn’t just mean I cry about everything — and an introvert. I love my solitude, I love the quiet, and I love to do things slowly and gently. I deal with anxiety and periods of melancholy and depression regularly, I can easily become overstimulated and overwhelmed, and I’m doing my best to heal a pretty dysregulated nervous system and some physical issues also — all of which contribute to my connection and desire for a life that is slow, simple, and calm. At least, most of the time.

I’m a massive dreamer, both in the sense of daydreaming and imagining different lives for myself, as well as believing anything I want to do is possible. Being a dreamer is the very reason why I’m even pursuing a life as a creative, but my dreams can also set me up for disappointment when my reality doesn’t quite match up. And though I like to believe any life I want for myself is possible, my waffling self-confidence and tendency to compare my path to others can sometimes get in the way — I’m working on that.

Lastly, though I cannot really express all that I am in so small a space, I’m also a voracious reader — fantasy, always — and if I don’t have a book on the go, I often feel lost and a little unmoored, turning to Instagram to scroll endlessly, which doesn’t contribute much in a positive way.

What Will A Quiet Moment Be About?

I want this space to be a home both for my writing and self-exploration, as well as my photography and love for nature. I cannot say definitively what I’ll share, but you can expect subjects ranging from being an HSP and introvert to nature to mental health to slow living, and much, much more.

When Can You Expect Posts?

I do aim for consistency, but I also follow my energy. If I miss a post, I miss a post — but here’s a general idea of what you can expect and when.

Weekly Letters — Sundays

Monthly Reflections — The 1st (or 2nd) of the month

Photo Diaries — Wednesdays (these posts may be more sporadic, as I'll only share when I have new photos)

How to Support A Quiet Moment

You can support A Quiet Moment in several different ways if you find value here in this space.

Likes, comments, and shares are the foundation of supporting my work here and I am so grateful for each and every one.

If you have the financial means and would like to take your support a step further, you can become a paid subscriber.

Free Subscribers — Weekly Sunday letters and my photography series Capturing Moments are available to everyone for free.

Paid Subscribers — In addition to the weekly letters and Capturing Moments series, paid subscribers will receive a monthly reflection letter at the beginning of each month. This is a collection of my thoughts from the month, a round-up of the pieces I created, pieces that I read from other publications that struck a chord and I feel you would find value in, as well as notes on what I’ve created elsewhere, such as for Youtube and Etsy.

Paid subscribers receive an exclusive ongoing discount to my Etsy shop, and I also hope to invite in conversation in the comments of these letters as I’d love to connect further with my supportive community.

The archive of my work — anything older than 4 weeks — is also only available to paid subscribers.

This space is always evolving and I will continue to explore ways to say thank you for showing your support of my work.

Why Become a Paid Subscriber?

I understand that not everyone has the means to support their favourite creators — I have been in this position for a long time myself.

If you do have the means and are enjoying what I create and finding value here, I do hope you’ll consider becoming a paid subscriber — paying subscribers support all the work I do so that I can continue creating and sharing, and keep most of it accessible to any who wants to consume it.

This is my joy — my heart, my soul, and vast amounts of energy go into this space and everything I create. If you’re able to support me in the form of a paid subscription, you’re helping me to be able to continue putting that time and love and energy into A Quiet Moment.

Whether you choose to join this quiet community for free or want to support my work further by becoming a paid subscriber — you have my gratitude. I am so happy you’re here, and I am so looking forward to connecting with you more and spending time in this lovely, quiet community.

Thank you for being here,
♡ Whitney

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Letters from a highly sensitive, forest-wandering introvert navigating life. A space for photography, nature, and quiet moments - on subjects ranging from sensitivity to introversion to mental health to slow living and so much more.


Whitney Barkman

Forest wanderer, quiet seeker, and highly sensitive introvert. Photographer and writer based in British Columbia Canada.